POLETJEIf you’re planning a visit to Bled, Ljubljana or any other beautiful place in Slovenia, the following mini dictionary might come in handy for you. Here are a few useful phrases in Slovenian:

Hello – Zdravo

Goodbye – Adijo

Thank you – Hvala

Where is the hotel? – Kje je hotel?

Where is the center? – Kje je center?

Where is the beach? – Kje je plaža?

Where is the nearest store/supermarket? – Kje je najbližja trgovina?

How do I get to…? – Kako pridem do…?

Beer, please. – Pivo, prosim.

Red/white wine, please. – Rdeče/belo vino, prosim..

Orange/apple/peach/… juice, please. – Pomarančni/jabolčni/breskov/… sok, prosim.

Coffee, please. – Kavo, prosim.

Coffee with milk, please. – Kavo z mlekom, prosim.

How much does it cost? – Koliko to stane?

Do you have it (this dress, T-shirt) in size S/M/L? – Ali imate to (obleko, majico,…) v velikosti S/M/L?

What’s your name? – Kako ti je ime?

Where are you from? – Od kod si?

Can I buy you a drink? – Te lahko povabim na pijačo?

Would you like to have dinner with me? – Bi rad/a šla na večerjo?

What a beautiful sunset. – Kako lep sončni zahod.

Are you on Facebook? – Si na Facebooku?

Are you on Twitter? – Si na Twitterju?

I like you very much. – Zelo si mi všeč.

See you tommorrow. – Se vidiva jutri.

I will miss you. – Pogrešal/a te bom.

Although as a tourist, I’m sure you’ll quickly realize that for the most part Slovenians speak English or German or some other foreign language pretty well and that there really is no need for you to try and speak Slovenian. But I’m sure that the effort will be well appreciated. Stay tuned for more helpful information on Slovenian language in the future at our website.